Behind-the-Scenes Tour: Animal Ambassadors

Sunday April 11

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1:00 PM  –  1:20 PM

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  • This behind-the-scenes tour is for participants ages 5 and older. Children younger than 1 year may join as long as they are secured in a wrap or carrier on an adult. 
  • All attendees under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a paid adult. There must be at least one adult per two children. 
  • This tour is 20 minutes long with two animals. Pick two from the list below:
    • Mammals: Hedgehog, tenrec
    • Reptiles: Desert tortoise, pancake tortoise, box turtle, spiny-tailed lizard, skink, California king snake, mountain king snake, gopher snake, Colombian boa or sand boa
    • Birds: Blue and gold macaw, thick-billed parrot, eclectus parrot, burrowing owl, great horned owl, Harris hawk or Kookaburra
  • For additional time and/or animals please contact the Interpretive Center.
  • All participants are required to wear closed-toe shoes during your tour.
  • All persons are required to bring their own face mask and wear it for the entire duration of the tour. Gloves will be provided by your tour guide when needed.
  • The capacity for this tour is six participants from the same household.
  • Tour may be canceled in the case of inclement weather.
  • Visit the Behind-the-Scenes Tours page for tour descriptions, schedule, and cancellation policies.
  • Same day available not guaranteed, prefer at least 24-hour advance notice.

Please be sure to print, fill out and bring the Release of Liability Form with you on the day of your tour.